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        The International Chinese Training Center of BUPT

        The International Chinese Training Center was founded in 1986, offering undergraduate Chinese Language program and the Chinese-training program for overseas students. In 2017, our center opened South Pacific Research Center to launch Chinese language programs in the South Pacific region. We designate qualified and competent Chinese teachers to our university’s overseas Confucius Institutes on a regular basis, and our center has direct responsibility for providing accredited teachers with vocational training.

        Our center consists of 10 teachers teaching students from all over the world. Three (associate) professors are working with promising young lecturers, each of whom has a PhD degree. All faculty members possess expert theoretical knowledge of and practical expertise with teaching and research in Chinese as a Second Language and comparative linguistics. Accordingly, our graduates are qualified for further study in BUPT and other universities, and to work in enterprises, institutions, government agencies and embassies and consulates both at home and abroad.

        Our ultimate goal is to draw on the expertise of Internet technology offered by our university to cultivate outstanding graduates with solid foundation in Chinese language, cross-cultural communication competence and interdisciplinary background, thus successfully adapt to the era of “Internet Plus”.