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        The School of Humanities was founded on Sep. 24th, 2008. It grows from the School of Foreign Languages and Law & Economics School. With two departments, seven research centers, our school is devoted to excellence in teaching and research. The centers include Experimental Language Teaching Center, International Chinese Training Center, Institute of Internet Governance & Law, Research Institute of Japanese Studies, Research Center for University Network Public Opinion, Telecommunications Law Research Center, South Pacific Research Center. Two departments comprise eight teaching and research labs equipped for a variety of programs in foreign languages and law for both undergraduate and graduate students.Now our school numbers nearly 140 faculty and staff members. Among them, 55 are professors and associate professors and more than 80 percent of faculties hold a master’s degree or a doctoral degree.


        人才培養總目標:適應“網絡強國” 、“文化強國” 、“依法治國”的實際需求,堅持立德樹人、德才兼備,培養具有扎實的專業理論基礎、合理的知識結構、熟練的職業技能、深厚的人文素養、寬廣的學術視野,具備高效高質量社會服務能力與創新創業能力的復合型、職業型和創新型人才。

        The overall objectives for talent training of the School of Humanities include: meeting the actual requirement of building China into a strong cyberpower and a cultural giant as well as rule of law; sticking to the principles of “fostering virtue and integrity through education” and “training talents on the basis of both integrity and ability”. The school will strive to develop comprehensive, professional and innovative intellectuals characterized by solid theoretical foundation, reasonable knowledge structure, skilled occupational expertise, profound humanistic accomplishment, broad academic vision, strong capability of serving the society in high quality and superior competitive edge in innovation and entrepreneurship.